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Server Rules

Post by Leeifi on Thu Mar 12, 2015 8:00 pm

§1 Deathmatch (DM)
Deathmatching is killing someone without a proper RP reason. OOC arguments or light IC insults are not valid reasons! Killing must be a last option.

60-120 minutes in admin jail.

§2 Revenge-kill (RK)
Revege-killing is killing someone just because he killed you ICly. When you die you lose all your memory about the incident (except the lesson the killer wanted you to learn e.g: You got killed for constantly robbing the killer's business. You will know ICly even after death that if you rob that business, bad things will happen). Returning to the place of death is not allowed on our server either. You are not to come back for any reason not even to "get your vehicle back". LEO may come back after 10 minutes and mafia members can come back after 15 minutes. Everyone else is not allowed to come back till the RP is over. (You may PM the killer and ask or use /ask)

60-90 minutes in admin jail.

§3 Meta-Gaming (MG)
Meta-gaming is using your OOC knowledge ICly. A well known example is to read someone's nametag and call them by their names ICly. Using the PM system to call backup ICly is considered as meta-gaming and it will get you punished!

60-120 minutes in admin jail.

§4 Power-Gaming (PG)
Power-gaming is roleplaying unrealistic actions such as lifting a car or surviving a headshot.
An other definition of power-gaming is forcing RP on other players e.g not letting them respond to your actions using /do (Note: Obvious situations like frisking an unconcious person do not require a /do)

45-120 minutes in admin jail.

§5 Insult
We do not accept OOC insults on our server. Minor insults may be forgivable under certain circumstances. We tottaly prohibit family, religion, race insults. However any insult no matter how light it is directed towards a staff member will be punished severely.

Warning or 90 minutes admin jail.

§6 Spam
Sending the same message 5 or more times in 30 or less seconds is considered as spam. Flooding is sending a huge ammount of messages in a short period of time (whether they are differant messages or not). And using full caps in /b /f /pm or any other OOC chat is not allowed (e.g: Hey x5 times, or HEY! MY NAME IS JOHN, WHO ARE YOU?)

Warning or kick

§7 Server Advertisement
You shall never IP advertise in any chats or threats In Game or Forum, and do NOT advertise on other servers or forums.
Permanent IP ban or 7 days IP ban.

§8 Drive-by or Drive Drive-by (DB/DDB)
Driver drive-by is shooting out the vehicle as a driver or passanger, or use your vehicle to kill someone. Parking your vehicle on top of a player is not allowed!

30-120 minutes in admin jail.

§9 Roleplay name
The name you use should follow the following format: Firstname_Lastname. Your name should not be a famous name, a known fictional name (e.g video game or an artist) note that some exceptions can be made.

A kick out the server.
or an account ban.
or simply a name change.

§10 Sexually harass or disgust other players
You are not allowed to RP raping, or touching any player with a sexual intention without the approval of all parties involved. You are not allowed to RP sexual/disgusting actions in public or around anyone without their permission (e.g: masturbating, touching your private parts, staring at someone else's private parts etc...) Note that if you changed your mind about getting involved in such RP before or after giving your approval you may ask the other parties to stop at any time.

Depends on, but will be from 7 days IP ban up to permanent IP ban.

§11 Share or give a registered account or mix between accounts
Sharing accounts is not allowed on our server. However you may create multiple accounts. You are not allowed to transfer any money from one account to an other without admin approval. Note that admins will not approve the action everytime. Also you need a proper RP reason to do so.

Permanent IP ban

§12 Exploit, hack or abuse
Using 3rd party mods to give you an unfair advantage is not allowed! You are not allowed to abuse any bugs the script might have, despite the fact you reported it on forums or not. All bugs should be reported on the bug reports section.

30-120 minutes admin jail or permanent ban.

§13 Breaking rules because someone did the same to you
Revenge-rulebreaking is breaking a rule in order to "punish" a rule-breaker by yourself. (e.g: A random guy DMs you so you go to him and DM him) this type of behaviour is not allowed on Fort Carson RolePlay.

Depends on what rule has been broken.

§14 Spawn-Kill (SK)
Spawn-kill is when you kill someone which has recently spawned by death or logged in.

30-90 minutes admin jail or 1 day account ban.

§15 Bunny Hopping/Car Surfing
When you're jumping around to get faster without stopping and do it more than 2 times after each other is Bunny Hopping. You shall run instead. And car surfing is when you're standing on a car while it is driving.

10-30 minutes admin jail or warning

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